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About the authors

  Henry Homrighaus, Jr.   Henry L. Homrighaus, Jr. CHS-V is a career security industry veteran with a wealth of experience derived from military, law enforcement and security industry involvement. Mr. Homrighaus has led some of the largest and most successful of America’s security companies to a position of prominence in their respective marketplaces. He is an acknowledged leader and frequently consulted in areas of research, legislation, and litigation. With a career spanning over 40 years he is experienced in all areas of the security spectrum. He is a pivotal individual in area of legislation involving the security industry and co-founded the Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

Mr. Homrighaus is the president and founder of ProSecCon, Inc. (www.ProfessionalSecurityConsulting.com). In this enterprise he consults with security companies, industry manufacturers, school districts, universities, and private enterprise using his considerable experience to guide them to appropriate solutions by addressing their particular concerns.

Mr. Homrighaus is an expert witnessing resource to several insurance companies, attorneys, and security companies.

Mr. Homrighaus is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security, The National Fire Prevention Association, and The American College of Forensic Examiners International earning their coveted CHS-V designation in Homeland Security.

Henry is the author of the First Edition “A Primer on Electronic Security for Schools, Universities & Institutions” published in 2006.

  Frank Davies   Frank J. Davies is a veteran of 30 years in the physical and electronic security industry and is currently president and co-founder of Aella Consulting Group, Inc. Frank has specialized in the design development and implementation of sophisticated security integration projects for the Federal Government, Airports, Universities and Fortune 500 clientele.   Prior to his involvement with Aella Consulting Group, Frank headed the security sales division for a $50M US based international security integrator that was part of a large merger and subsequent acquisition by GE Transportation Group. More recently he was involved with a company to help stage for acquisition which was accomplished with Group 4 Technologies. During his career Frank has also been a partner in a facial recognition company that successfully developed product that was sold and implemented in a Federal Government Installation.  Frank has run and fostered company turnarounds after catastrophic events, and has spearheaded large expansion efforts all due to his vast security industry and business experience.

Frank has held high clearance level and working knowledge with many government and government sponsored projects. As a U.S. PBA Agent (a support organization to Homeland Security and other US law enforcement and investigative agencies), Frank is recognized as an Electronic Surveillance Expert and Advisory Board Member.

Frank is a Certified in Homeland Security (CHS-III) by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, a Certified Infrastructure Professional with the Office of Infrastructure Preparedness, NFPA Member, Infragard Member (FBI Private/Business Organization), American Society for Industrial Security Member (Since 1984), and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (Since 1996) and remains active in all of these organizations.

Frank was educated at Syracuse University and The University of New Hampshire and holds a BA in Communications with a minor in Electrical Engineering and  continued studies through The Whittemore School of Business and Economics in pursuit of his MBA.

  Greg Bernardo   During his 18 years in the physical and electronic security industry, Greg has systematically cultivated his reputation and expertise. Greg has held key positions in sales & marketing, technical support, applications design, product management, project management for various security industry leaders and is currently vice president and co-founder of Aella Consulting Group, Inc. Greg spent time with a major CCTV manufacturer (Vicon Industries) with a wide range of responsibilities in design response and project engineering. Considerable time with this manufacturer was spent in engineering oversight of large scale end-user projects in cooperation with the integrator and client.

Greg spent time with Ross & Baruzzini, a prestigious international architect and engineering firm with a substantial customer base in Airports and Seaports, where he performed site surveys & security assessments, development of mitigation plans, systems design, bid project specification documentation, drafting, equipment and labor estimation and grant writing.

Prior and subsequent to his time with Ross & Baruzzini, Greg has implemented sophisticated security integration projects for Healthcare facilities, K-12 Institutions of Education and Fortune 500 clientele.

In addition to his broad general knowledge, Greg has a comprehensive understanding of virtually all areas related to the video security industry. Greg has been published in the international magazine Passenger Terminal World and has been a speaker at BuilConn.

Greg is a Certified Documents Technologist (CDT) by The Construction Specifications Institute, Certified in Homeland Security (CHS-I) by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, and has been a supporting member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) since 2004.

  In February 2009, Greg Bernardo & Frank Davies co-founded ConsultantRegistry.Org
a group designed to promote, support and foster collaboration amongst independant Security, IT, and Communication consultants. Since its inception, ConsultantRegistry.Org has grown into the world’s largest organization supporting consultants in these converging markets. Henry Homrighaus sits on the council of ConsultantRegistry.org and has helped to shape many of the initiatives currently in effect and underway.