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What’s New in 2nd Edition School Security Primer

Since the publication of the first edition of A Primer on Electronic Security for Schools, Universities & Institutions, the security industry has witnessed many major changes including significant maturity within the digital video product offerings and fast progression of IT and IP based hardware. 

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This is an excerpt from the draft of the 2nd edition, “A Primer on Electronic Security for Schools, Universities & Institutions”.  Readers are asked for their comments and viewpoints surrounding this snipet.
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Salesman, Consultant or Engineer?

Any one of the three, chosen with care and attention to references can be of tremendous assistance with your security planning, equipment selection, and specification development.  You are not restricted to one or the other but may use all three at different stages of the security procurement process.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to insure the accuracy of any specification that you put out for bid and it has never been easier with the help of the Internet.  Salesman, consultant, or engineers are all part of your resource availability and, for the most part, do an excellent job.

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“A Primer on Electronic Security for Schools, Universities & Institutions” Second Edition is under development for release in Spring 2012.

The Primer, originally published in 2006 by Henry Homrighaus Jr. , is designed to assist educators, engineers, security personnel, and suppliers to address and resolve the issues of potential terrorism or other acts of violence or disruption in our educational institutions. 

The Second Edition updates the Primer to include the multitude of changes the security industry has seen in the last three years such as the convergence of Security, IT & Communications and the maturity of the digital video market segment.  To update the Primer, the author Henry Homrighaus Jr. added co-authors Frank J. Davies and Greg Bernardo. 

Together the team of authors has launched a website to promote the upcoming Second Edition.  The website includes a blog which encourages discussion on topics found in the First Edition Primer and seeks to identify additional topics for inclusion in the Second Edition.  Digital (IP) video (which was still fairly immature at the first writing) is the first category of discussion in the blog focusing on the topic of H.264 compression.

Interested parties can learn more about the book and contribute on blog discussions at:

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